Perspectives Of A Circle 

During a brief period trough the first years of high school in Rome (Italy), four young students called Lorenzo Corsi (Flute and Vocals), Francesco Marchetti (Drums, Vocals), Lorenzo Politi (Lead Guitar and Vocals) and Tommaso Calemme (Keyboards and Vocals), formed a band called ”Kingscross”, with the purpose of playing original Progressive Rock music. They started developing a particular sound, mixing both classic and modern Prog, as they were practicing by covering few Genesis and Dream Theater songs.

After a few shows and some recording sessions (and a brief period with Lorenzo Leopardi as a fifth member), Vittorio Pagano (Bass) joined the band, and in October 2014 the band released a single (Fallen Bridge), after changing its name into "Perspectives Of A Circle".

After a year spent in composing and recording, in December 2015 the album “Masks, Faces, Whispers” was released, under the label The Gustibus Records, owned by the members of the band, and mixed by Lorenzo Politi.

The album is now purchasable in all the principal digital stores, as the band is recording and composing new material.