Lorenzo studies flute since he was 11, and now he is attending the Santa Cecilia conservatory (Rome). 

He had several experiences with the Italian Jazz panorama, playing with artists such as Fabrizio Bosso, Max Ionata, Roberto Gatto, Enrico Pierannunzi.  He recorded in 2013 the flute for "Seasons" by Dino and Franco Piana.

He plays in the M.I.T.O. orchestra in Rome (1st Flute), conducted by Alfredo Santoloci (former Santa Cecilia conductor), and played in several places such as Campidoglio, Piazza San Pietro and the Modern Art Gallery.
He also teaches guitar in the M.I.T.O. music school.

He has released in 2015 the album "Masks, Faces, Whispers" with Perspectives Of A Circle, which was mentioned and reviewed by many important sites (Hamelin Prog, ProgArchives, Progressive Rock Central, ecc..) and papers (Classic Rock).