Francesco Marchetti

Francesco started playing drums at age 12 in a local music school in Rome (IT). He studied then four years in the A.R.P.A. music school (Roman Academy for the study of Arts). During the 3rd year of high school, Marchetti got in touch, via a common friend, with Lorenzo Politi and so he joined a band, at the time composed of the two 'Lorenzos' and a bass player called Macieck Bodniak, that after three years would become the band called "Perspectives Of A Circle".

Meanwhile he finished his studies at the Academy private school, and (after he graduated and begun to study Philosophy at the University) he started taking lessons with Pierluigi Calderoni, the former drummer of "Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso", an important Italian Progressive Rock band from the 70s. 

He also attended the Berklee at Umbria Jazz Clinics in 2013, during the important Jazz festval in Perugia (IT).

He is also part of the Italian Folk-Rock band "I Viandanti".                                                                

He has released in 2015 the album "Masks, Faces, Whispers" with Perspectives Of A Circle, which was mentioned and reviewed by many important sites (Hamelin Prog, ProgArchives, Progressive Rock Central, ecc..) and papers (Classic Rock).                                                                                                                           He is currently  recording new material with "Perspectives Of A Circle" and "I Viandanti".

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