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Waves Rolling Down The Hills

Tommaso Calemme: Vocals, Keyboards

Lorenzo Politi: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Lorenzo Corsi: Rythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Francesco Marchetti: Drums, Backing Vocals

Vittorio Pagano: Bass

Part 1

Take out of control

The breath i’ve ever known.

Look at the shadows I won’t pass by,

Look at the swallows, the way they lie.


Peace enshrouding me,

Sublime agony, am I still here?

Life is flying out,

Seems so impatient to run away.


War is around here,

The mates have no more fear.

Sometimes I watched into their faces:

A tear was falling, ‘lone and ashamed.


Sunrise warms my eyes,

Finally I stand up ‘cause I’m arrived.

Maybe I’ ll soon see

All the men like me and i’ll explain.


Here is getting calm,

This meaningless realm.

I’ ve reached out the control

And I’m ready.


Kat, my friend is gone,

And I, what have I done,

War is finishing, and so it’ s me,

God is returning, what will he see?

Music by T. Calemme, L. Politi
Words by T. Calemme


Part 2

Tommaso Calemme: Vocals, Keyboards

Lorenzo Politi: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar,Backing Vocals

Lorenzo Corsi: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Francesco Marchetti: Drums, Backing Vocals

Vittorio Pagano: Bass

A great waste of time, or what it could have been,

alone again, I can’ t tear down all this cage.

I look around, there’s something I can see,

I have no one that can take care of me.


Sometimes I watched into my face,

a tear was falling, ‘lone and ashamed.


They say “Yes, it’s gone”, but I can’ t still go on,

they rest, but I can’t escape from my lifetime.

It starts inside, like a flame that burns your pride,

we work, we hide, while our ashes lie aside.


No one can get how it feels here,

walls made of glass keep sane my fear.


Because life separates people

and we just can’ t forget what is done.

Pray to someone that seems not to care for us,

what’s the reason that make us go on?

Words and Music by T. Calemme