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The Maze Of A Mask

Tommaso Calemme: Vocals, Keyboards

Lorenzo Politi: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Lorenzo Corsi: Flute, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Francesco Marchetti: Drums, Backing Vocals

Vittorio Pagano: Bass

Wandering inside of myself,

I wonder where I end,

I cannot find my way out.

Searching for something unknown,

Can't find it on my own,

The secret everyone flouts.


Lost in the maze of a mask,

Don't wanna ask

When all this will be ending.

Fading in my conciousness,

The helplessness

My hope is dominating.


I see things that I don't realize,

I accept my compromise,

The mystery's not broken.

Some words I will never forget,

Too high the stake to bet,

Those words have not been spoken.


Wandering inside of myself,

I wonder where

I can find my true meaning.

Searching for something unknown,

I'm on my own,

No one will start believing.

Music by T. Calemme, L. Corsi, F. Marchetti, V. Pagano, L. Politi
Words by T. Calemme