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Fallen Bridge / 100.000

Lorenzo Corsi: Vocals, Flute, Rythm Guitar 

Tommaso Calemme: Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Lorenzo Politi: Lead Guitar, Percussions, Backing Vocals

Francesco Marchetti: Drums, Percussions, Backing Vocals

Vittorio Pagano: Bass

Sitting in this train

From my small compartment

I see the world

That I will never touch

I see the Rails leading to a bridge

And this train will always follow them

And my future lies with him


Fire is bursting out

Pillars falling down into the void

But the train won't stop

And I will drown deep into the dark

Bridge is falling down

And there is really nothing I can do

Another hand has written my future

That’s not me.


No way to escape

From this prison cell

A prisoner of a caged box

But who are you to hold that pen

I never knew that Satan led some judges down here in this earth


Bridge is falling down...

And my eyes see nothing more to do

Nobody hears my voice

And I see no more light outside

World is falling down

Air is not enough to stop this fall

A bird without his wings

Somebody bought me a direct ticket to hell.

Music by T. Calemme, L. Corsi, F. Marchetti, V. Pagano, L. Politi
Words by F. Marchetti