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Lorenzo Corsi: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Flute

Lorenzo Politi: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Tommaso Calemme: Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Francesco Marchetti: Drums, Backing Vocals

Vittorio Pagano: Bass

One day I woke up from bed,

All I saw in the mirror was me.

The pale face that I've always had, the man that I'll always be

But then a small thought was planted in my mind:

That face that I thought was mine, inside your eyes I will never find.


That day, waking up from bed,

I realized that my god was dead

Because the truth you see is no more the truth that I perceive, I live in thousand minds.


Standing on the shrine of myself, this new mask makes me finally free

All the faces in their heads are now gone, and my name is no more a chain for me.

Touching my blank face, no noses on my right.

No more strings connecting me to the faces inside their heads.


Look at me, I am never free,

I'm stuck between my old face and this new one

Can I be ever sure of how my face is in your eye

Please tell me who am I!


Look at me,

What can you see?

Can be my face the one I wish to be? No!

My soul is split in more than one hundred-thousand eyes.

Music by T. Calemme, L. Corsi, F. Marchetti, V. Pagano, L. Politi
Words by F. Marchetti