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Lorenzo Politi: Vocals,  Acoustic Guitar

Lorenzo Corsi: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Tommaso Calemme: Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Francesco Marchetti: Drums, Backing Vocals

Vittorio Pagano: Bass

The hardest thing to explain to your brain,

Is that very few things should really cause you pain.

I always ask myself “What is Me?”

I identify with things outside of me

So you always told me ‘bout nationalism,

Or sometimes patriotism,

Why never continentalism?


It’s easier to feel part of this state

If the skin of its people’s the same.

And even if we share the same lore,

Well, it’s just a great illusion for all,

‘Cause I didn’t created our lore.

‘Cause each one of us is different from all.


So, why should I feel bad if someone try to defame

in any way

The state from which I came?

Even if I’d built it by myself

He’d not be insulting Me

Just a play of my brain.

“I” is not the things that you do,

Is not your country, is not your mind

Is not what other think ‘bout you.


This nothing more than passing shapes

They divert mind from how life operates

Now think of how you cried for a fail

That time when you were just a child,

And think now how you keep on laughing ‘bout it

‘Cause your mind has changed a little bit.


Life is just a circle of filtered perspectives.

But try for a moment to get out of yourself,

Act just like you’re playing Second Life

Still your troubles seem so bad?


“I” goes beyond your straits

“I” is the one thing that remains the same

If you completely change your life, your state,

Your identity and your face.


They could judge your actions, your behaviors and your work,

They could judge your clothes, your body and your brain

They could judge your friends, your family and your life

They could judge your ideals, your ideas and your dreams


But they will never, never judge You.

‘Cause everyone sees the world as he can

So they’ll never be able to judge You.

Music by T. Calemme, L. Corsi, F. Marchetti, V. Pagano, L. Politi
Words by L. Politi